Stair Tread Installation 

1. Do not install treads directly to framing lumber without using a moisture barrier.

Our treads are made from kiln-dried woods and have a moisture content of around 7%. Framing lumber has a moisture content of around 12-20%. This is where all cracking and warping of treads begins. When treads are installed on to “wet” framing lumber, they absorb the difference in moisture and swell. After the project is complete, the A/C and Heat is turned on and the treads dry out. This is when cracking, checking, and warping happens. Wood is essentially a sponge and acts exactly like one.

2. We only use the finest quality materials. Our Red Oak and White Oak will match any domestic flooring material. If you are trying to match an imported floor material or other treads from China or another country, you may notice differences in color and character.

3. For pie-shaped treads, it is much better to order oversized treads and cut the shapes on the jobsite. We are happy to make treads based off of your patterns but we cannot be responsible if they do not fit. This is very risky and can lead to a very costly mistake.


Q. Are your lead times really 2-3 days?

A. Yep. We have very automated equipment that allows us to produce treads very fast and efficiently.

Q. How much should treads overhang?

A. Typically 1”- 1-1/4“ over the front edge of the riser and on the ends.

Q. What is the best wood to use for treads?

A. Anything hard, such as Oaks, Hickory, Cherry etc. Softer woods such as Pine dent easily and look bad over time. While they provide a unique look and can be used, they should not be used in high traffic areas.

Q. Why are your treads more expensive than the ones at Home Depot?

A. Our treads are made one at a time from the finest quality materials available and are selected for color and character. Cheap treads are only available in a very low grade Oak with little or no color or character and are only available in 1 or 2 standard sizes.

Q. What is the largest tread or landing you can make?

A. We can make any size tread. We can also make any sized landing or starting step as well. We routinely make landing treads up to 60” x 96” for large stairways.

Q. Do you install?

A. We do not. However we do know many fine carpenters and can easily recommend someone for you.

Q. Do you make handrail to match the treads?

A. We make Handrail and fittings such as Volutes and Newel Posts to match our treads. Please note that some of these items can take up to 2-3 weeks to make due to the complex nature of these parts.


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