Beautiful Wood Beams

kitchen-beams-thumbI often get calls from builders when they find themselves looking for expert advice on special woodworking details for their projects. Not too long ago, I walked into a million-dollar home in The Woodlands area where the builder was looking up at the ceiling scratching his head. He wanted to add decorative beams to the ceiling but wasn’t sure how to lay it out in a way that made the beams look like part of the structure. 
beams-hdr-thumbHaving lived in the Rocky Mountains where beams were a mainstay of homebuilding, I knew exactly what was needed. We decided to place large beams on the ends, with smaller beams running down the middle. The result was a stunning kitchen and great room that catches everybody’s eye. What’s great is that beams can become the centerpiece of any home without much trouble or outrageous costs. Beam me up Scotty!
Beams: structural or decorative?
inside-roof-thumbStructural wood beams are usually installed during the construction of the home since they typically need to be supported by framing structure. They are also considerably heavier than decorative wood beams and more difficult to install. Real beams are used in places like porches and cabanas… places where structural beams are needed. You will not see any seams or nail holes or fasteners in a true wood beam and they usually travel into the walls at both ends making them finish out really nice.
3d-beam-thumbDecorative wooden beams are usually the most practical in places like living rooms, great rooms and kitchens. They are also easy to install. Our decorative beams are manufactured in a very unique way so as to not reveal any sort of seams where they are joined together. These wooden beams can be installed in a room at any time during construction and are very easy to install. Simply nail a 2x of the proper width on the ceiling and fasten the beam to it. Decorative Wood Beam

Types of Wood


We typically manufacture beams from Western Red Cedar, Fir, and Southern Yellow Pine. Western Red Cedar is usually the best choice for the following reasons:
  • Cedar is very reasonably priced.
  • It is not very heavy, making it easy to install.
  • Cedar comes in very long lengths, up to 28’ in some cases
       making it the only choice for larger rooms.
  • Stains incredibly beautiful and has a lot of character.

Hand-hewn or Smooth Beams?

scraped-finish-thumbBeams can be finished in either a hand-hewn look or a smooth finish. The hand-hewn or “scraped” finish is the most popular because it resembles the authentic beams from an old cabin. And finally, we make a smooth finish for those who like a clean look.


Hand Hewn Finish shown here
Beams Used as Fireplace Mantels
mantle-beam-thumbUsing solid timber as a fireplace mantel is a way to give a rustic look to a modern-day fireplace. We offer several mantels made from beams such as the Columbia and Montana mantels. Typical sizes for a standard timber fireplace mantel are 4x12, 6x12 and 8x12. But we can also cut any size beam to fit your fireplace.8" x 16" x 72" Solid Wood Fireplace Mantel
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