Great Room, Great Look

Cherry study under construction thumb

Have you ever entered a room and said "Wow, this is beautiful"? Creating a room with the wow factor is not hard to do with a little planning and advice from professionals.

Customers sometimes come to us and say "We have built this house and it has a great room in it but we want trusses on the ceiling like these right here." This usually makes me grimace.

Problem is once you build the structure, it is often hard to recreate a look that you saw somewhere else. Many times we have had to utilize false beams to create the illusion of timbers and they come out fine.

But remember, it is always easier and cheaper to build trussed ceilings from scratch at the framing stage (using timbers and bolts), instead of having the trim carpenter come back in after the fact. Oftentimes the carpenter tries to "wrap" your existing framing with Cedar. It is never cheaper and it rarely turns out as nice as it should be. 

Creating a room that has that WOW factor is not all that hard to do if you are remodeling or building a new home. This is what Delta Millwork is great at. The room featured here (click for larger view) shows 4x12 Cedar Rafters and 2x6 tongue-and-groove Cedar decking. Believe it or not, hardware also plays a major role in all of this as well. Delta manufactures steel brackets and provides all of the hardware to tie it all together. These items are typically not stocked at your local lumber yard. We make them to fit your exact design.

So a word to the wise, if you are wanting to create a great room featuring wood trusses, make sure you contact Delta Millwork before the framing begins and let us guide you through the process. Not only will it save you money in the long run, you'll have a stunning great room that becomes a conversation piece and catches everyone's eye.  




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