Employees Make the Difference

Jose building shutterHappy employees make for a well oiled machine and nobody knows that better than me. For over 35 years Delta Millwork has proudly employed some of the best people on earth.

I would love to take credit for all of the really cool products we build here at Delta Millwork, but that would be completely false. Our employees, many of whom have been working here for over 15 years, are some of the most honest, hard working people I have ever had the pleasure of working with. 

Ask our woodworking prodigy Jose to sweep up around that machine so nobody gets hurt, he politely pauses from the complicated task at hand and he does it with a smile. What more can you ask for. The more complicated the project, the happier Jose is. He loves "figuring out things"  

Our delivery duties are handled by Louis, who never even breaks a stride if you ask him to make one last "hot" delivery to a customer after he has been out delivering products to customers all day. He's quite simply the most dedicated driver you could ask for. Louis 300

Our shop has some very talented people. Another one of them is Felix. If you purchased a Fireplace Mantel from us, Felix probably made it. He can make his saws and nail guns do things with precision, and he's fast. Felix has been with the company for over 10 years.

Osmin is our hard working "do everything" guy. When we need muscles he's our man. Move some heavy timbers to make beams, he's on it. He is also our stair tread expert. Osmin has been with the company for 14 years.

Scooter is our Moulder operator who makes all of our profile knives and sets up and runs the moulder. Scooter has run as much as 10,000lf of custom mouldings in one day. No small feat. He grinds knives and cutter heads to one one thousandth of an inch. Now thats precision. He actually uses a pair of precision calipers instead of a tape measure to measure your mouldings as they are coming out of the machine to insure that when you request 3/4" thick moulding, it's 0.750 of an inch. 

Many of you know our Office Manager Jenny. Jenny has recently been promoted to Outside Sales and is now in charge of all of our accounts. Jenny has been with the company for 10 years. Knowing all of our customers well and staying in touch with them is what she is all about. She is really excited about her new position in the company and I know she will do great things for us and herself, as well as our customers.

While these are just a few of our employees, Delta Millwork employs about 14 people. I am truly blessed to work with these honest, hard working people. Thanks to you, we are one of the premier millwork companies in Houston, Texas. Scooter 300

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