Beautiful Custom American Cherry Study


Casings thumb

The builder asked us what we could do to create a study that matched the magnificent home, but, it also needed to accommodate the owner’s one-of-a-kind painting. The homeowner wanted the painting featured somewhere in a special “niche” in the room with a light to illuminate it. The builder had already entrusted us to create custom baseboard and casings throughout the home, along with distinguished-looking raised paneled walls and wainscoting.



Cherry study under construction thumbThe owner, a retired oil company executive, wanted a study that was both beautiful and functional. Working with the designer, I suggested a few different woods that were stunning in both color and grain and would create a study worthy of a multi-million dollar home. One was Alder and the other was American Cherry. I suggested American Cherry since the wood richens in color over time and acquires a patina that is deep and rich. Only American Cherry does this.




The decorator who oversaw the entire construction of the home asked if I could send her detailed drawings of some ideas that I had for the study. After a week or so of designing on the CAD, I came up with some preliminary drawings that the decorator “tweaked” to perfection. The result was a study that would be absolutely stunning.

 Custom Cherry Study-1 600 wide

After designing the cabinets, mouldings had to be made from solid Cherry wood, matched grain plywood that had to be ordered for the walls, and a pair of custom Cherry French doors had to be made for the entrance into the study. Then it was time to build the cabinets, bookcases, and doors that would line the study.
Custom Cherry Study-2 600 wide

All of the components were built and delivered to the jobsite. Next, the installation crew took over and installed everything to plan. It was then the finisher’s job to stain and finish the American Cherry cabinets to really bring out the beauty of the wood. As the final topcoat of lacquer was applied, the wood was really showing off. The result was stunning! The decorator then took over and added a Black leather ceiling; a hand scraped Walnut floor; and furniture to complete the look. And as perfectly planned, the owners “one of a kind painting” fit right into its little, lighted niche, ready for the owners to enjoy.



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