Creating Beautiful Ceilings


Kitchen Ceiling tongue and groove smallI get to see the inside of a lot of cool homes on a day-to-day basis in my business and the centerpiece of homes these days is fast becoming the kitchen/breakfast room. So it’s no wonder people are finding ways to make the kitchen stand out… and one of my favorite ways is to use old fashion wood to dress up the ceilings. Let me explain.

My own kitchen ceiling is lined with beaded board and edged with a small crown moulding. These “boarded” ceilings create beautiful lines that can be either stained naturally or painted to make your surroundings “pop.” While you may think this sounds expensive, it really isn’t. And you get a lot of bang for your buck. (Click on images for larger views)

Wood ceiling boards come in many different sizes and profiles. One very common and popular style is the 1x6 “V” groove and the 1x4 “V” groove (shown left) for smaller rooms. We also make Beaded Ceiling (shown right) which can be used on the ceiling and on walls in areas such as mud rooms or bathrooms. The results are stunning and really add that “wow” factor to a room.1x6 tongue and groove smallBeaded ceiling small

Another opportunity to use beaded or tongue and groove boards is outdoor porches. I’m amazed when I see these stunning, expensive homes using cheap sheetrock to finish out their porch ceilings. Sheetrock may be okay inside an air-conditioned home, but it’s prone to mildewing and falling apart when it comes into contact with Texas heat and humidity. A beaded board ceiling or a tongue and groove wood ceiling would stand up to the harsh conditions while giving the outdoor ceiling a designer look.


Tongue and groove mouldings small

So don’t forget, while Delta Millwork makes all sorts of tongue and groove mouldings for floors, ceilings, and walls - the actual ceiling is another place that you can dress up with good old fashion wood to make it really stand out!


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