One Very Large Machine

Closeup large bandsaw thumbRecently I was in Laguna Beach, California this summer riding my motorcycle through the mountains when I came upon one GIANT machine. A band saw from years gone by that was preserved by the locals. Man was this machine BIG.


This nine-foot band saw is among the largest log saws ever used in the sawmill industry. It weighs over 38,000 pounds and has a blade that stretches over 56 feet in length. This saw was used to cut Douglas Fir, White Fir and Ponderosa Pine logs up to ten feet in diameter and 32 feet in length. The lumber from just one of these giant logs would be enough to build two houses of about 1,500 square feet.






Nameplate thumbThe machine was manufactured by the Filer & Stowell Company in 1920 and put into service by the Tarter Webster and Johnson Lumber Co. in Martel, California. For 70 years it was used to cut lumber that was loaded on to trucks and trains and shipped into the growing California housing market. The iron giant was finally retired in 1992 when the mill was rebuilt to cut smaller logs. Despite the age of the machine, it is in sound working condition with a little grease it could go back to work any time.





 As I stood there and took these pictures I was in awe of the shear size of it. It is hard to tell from the pictures but the saw had to be 30 feet tall. Be sure to click on the images for a larger view of this awesome machine. 

 Large bandsaw wide thumb



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