The AWFS Show is Coming to Las Vegas…

floor pics smallOne of my favorite shows of the year is coming. No it’s not Pawn Stars, or How It’s Made. It’s the AWFS show in Las Vegas. AWFS stands for Association of Woodworking & Furnishings Suppliers. The AWFS show is the premier manufacturing show of the year featuring all of the latest woodworking equipment and hardware, finishing supplies, lumber, and just about anything you can think of that relates to manufacturing wood products. It’s not a builders show, it’s the world's largest tool show, sprawling over a half million square feet featuring some of the most incredible machinery and tools in the world. They actually have full factory machines set up and running that you can watch and try out.


floor pics small-2The show features everything from the newest cordless drills to computer-automated CNC machines that cost over $500,000. While this show is not for everyone, it is certainly the place to go to learn about new manufacturing techniques as well as see some really innovative tools doing some really amazing stuff.






The main reason I like going to the AWFS is the education you get learning about faster, easier ways to manufacture our customer’s products. The more efficient our shop is the more value we can provide to our customers.  Sometimes I stumble across the simplest gadget or tool that can really improve our production. For example, two years ago I found a high capacity glue "gun" that could hold two gallons of glue and was much faster than the small bottles most woodworkers use. Glue gun



That simple technique saved us a ton of time gluing up our stair treads and other products that require a lot of glue. The technical expertise at the show is incredible and the best part is it’s free! Here is the link for more information:

floor pics small-3



Hope to see you there…







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