Delta Millwork Makes its Debut In New York City!

doorsAfter building some shutters for what was to be a retail display and shipping them to an address on Madison Ave in New York City, my curiosity got the best of me and I just had to go and see just exactly where they ended up. So I packed up my tape measure and pencil and headed to the Big Apple! What an incredible trip this turned out be. Over the course of three days I would find out just what an amazing place New York City was. I was to meet up with Joe and Rob who were part of the “Creative Services Team” for our customer. They also turned out to be the best tour guides New York City had to offer.  While in New York, I also thought I would kill two birds with one stone and visit the famous B&H Photo store where I buy all my professional photography gear.   This trip was a no brainer. I’m outta here, I thought!



A Cab Ride… New York Style 


trafficAfter arriving in the Big Apple I got the first taste of the New Yorkers’ version of Rush Hour Traffic. Holy crap! Leaning between the seats like a little kid on a car ride and holding up my cell phone camera to take a picture of the traffic the cab driver said “why are you taking pictures of the cars?” I laughed and said “Everybody in Houston thinks our traffic is bad, wait ‘til they see this!” He laughed and said “Welcome to New York my friend.” Hmmm. My first day ended perfect with the hotel concierge directing me to an amazing restaurant. Then it was off to bed for some much needed rest so I’d be prepared to meet with my customer the next morning. 

After a quick breakfast, I walked to the famous Madison Ave address they gave me, yeah that Madison Ave. I’m excited. I meet up with Joe and Rob on the 6th floor to view the showroom where the shutters that we had made were being used in a display. Turns out the company builds mockup versions of entire showrooms inside a high-rise so that the creative designers and experts can see what will actually go into the real stores that you and I shop in. Very cool!! Black store smallThey actually build a showroom right down to the actual racks, clothes, props… even windows with backdrops in them that create the illusion of the outdoors. It looks so real you actually think you are in the store. Since the store we were working on was for the 2014 lineup, understandably no photos were allowed except for the photo to the right that I took for an already released furniture line.  (I know. I want to show you the one we worked on too, but I can’t).

Seeing what goes into the design and production of a retail store for a major name brand is absolutely incredible and Joe showed me the entire process from start to finish. How cool is that! They actually work on many different showrooms at once. For example, they had one complete showroom built for Men’s Suits and another one being built for Home Furnishings and others in various stages of completion. After they are finished, an elite design group tours the finished mockup and makes final changes before the photography people and the architectural people move in and do their thing. After a final design is approved, they hire outside contractors to implement the build-outs in the stores all across the world to match the final mockup exactly (think New York, Milan, Paris, Dubai).


Lunch Time

So by now it’s lunch time and Joe has a place in mind. It’s one of those “diners” they call them. Since I’m from Texas I need some clarification. “What’s the difference between a deli and a diner,” I ask. My new friends all chuckle and tell me that a “diner” is where you can sit down and eat, a “deli” is where you go in and grab a sandwich to go, no seating. Ok, got it. My new friends order first and the immigrant waiter, who is feverously writing some sort of code on his pad and never mutters a word, looks at me… “Oh I’d like a chicken wrap” I say, “and do you have iced tea”? The waiter walks off without saying a word, so I look at my friends and ask “Do you think he heard me?” They laugh and say “that means yes in New York.”


Joe Hails a Cab

After lunch Joe hails a cab (as they like to say) and after watching cab after cab rebuff him, I’m starting to think we are walking. Finally a cab screeches to a stop and we jump in. Joe belts out an area of the city that both he and the driver are very familiar with. Me, I’m lost. Joe points out so many cool things in the city as we speed through traffic like the cab was on fire, that I could hardly take it all in. Things happen fast here folks. I’m now starting to realize that 3 days in NYC is just not enough to even begin to scratch the surface of this very exciting town.  It’s now around 2:00 in the afternoon and we are beginning to wind down our tour. So I thank my new friends Joe and Rob and the other carpenters and creative people whom I have met and assure them that I will be back. This place is just phenomenal.


Off to the Toy Store

BH-3Most of my friends and colleagues know that I am an avid photographer. I shoot all of the pictures shown here on this website as well as my children doing all of the neat stuff that they do in their everyday lives. As a photographer there is no cooler place on earth to buy photo gear than B&H Photo in New York. It’s the holy grail of stores for us. The toy store if you will. If my wife knew how much money I have spent at this store on the internet, well, you know what happens… So after I finished up with my customers, I thanked them profusely for their hospitality and jumped in a cab to go and see B&H. As my kids would say… O-M-G. I expected it to be big but not this big! Two stories, 70,000 square feet of photography and video gear, an overhead conveyor system to move your items. Anyway if you’re into photography and ever in NY, do yourself a favor and go by and visit the store. Prepare to be impressed.




So who’s the famous customer?

Tom polo 300Well, all I can say is that I personally wear their clothes almost every day and have for the last 30 years. If you have ever been to our shop or know me, then the answer should be obvious.


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