Talk About Some Serious Curb Appeal! -"Incredible Trusses"

front iso smallI never know what’s gonna walk through my door, and this particular day was no exception.  In strolls a wiry, silver-haired gentleman with an unassuming air and quiet voice.  The commercial contractor he had hired sent him over to see if we could build a complicated timber framed roof for the front porch of a building that his family was building. It would be a new western wear store located in Angleton, Texas.


scooter working mediaI tell him that we make timber trusses all the time and asked if he would rather us build the complete trusses here at the shop. That way, I explain, the units are already assembled and fit perfectly together. I pointed out that it was difficult to cut large timbers on the job site with any accuracy.  He replies, “that would be great, I would much rather have you build the entire roof at your shop and just ship the finished components to the job.”
Truss drawing smallEasy enough…  Then I looked at the plans! Holy cow, now that’s a cool roof I thought. Now I’m excited. This is going to be an awesome project that will be standing for years to come. As I work with the owner I notice that he also seems to know a lot about woodworking in general which piqued my curiosity, so I asked… are you in the woodworking business? No he chuckles, “I’m a retired Dow Chemical HR guy”.  Hmmm, I thought… Human Resources? He sure seems to know a lot about construction.  Turns out he was a closet woodworker with some serious talent and an all-around great guy. Just the kind of customer I truly enjoy helping and working with. I would quickly realize that our new customer was a guy who, like me, really cared about quality.  Often I would suggest a “cheaper way” of doing things. He would laugh and say “I don’t want that cheap crap.”  My kind of guy…
lifting truss smallThe owner worked as much on the project as the contractor, working side by side with many of the subcontractors, including us. At our shop, I set him up a station to stain his trusses. He also operated  the lift to install the trusses. He then helped install the front doors and hung light fixtures and built store displays.  (Still not sure I believe that “Dow Chemical HR guy” part). Throughout the project the contractor and the owner both realized that Delta Millwork could also provide such items as the Knotty Alder Front door unit, exterior shutters, interior doors, all casings and mouldings, and of course the entire roof system on the front of the building.  


store front wide small
In the words of one of my favorite TV shows, Pawn Stars, “You never know what is gonna come through that door.”  Turns out this low-key client enjoyed working on his family’s new western store as much as we did, and the results show it.  (Be sure to click on the pictures to see the larger versions)


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