Timber Fireplace Mantels

In building, design trends come and go, and one of the latest trends that has sprung up is the use of timber fireplace mantels. A few years back we started out offering a few timber mantel designs and they started to catch on. One of the first designs was the very popular Montana Mantel.

Montana smallThe Montana Mantel features a very unique "dovetail" joint where the brackets meet the mantel. "We get home buyers commenting on that mantel all the time" says one of MHI's top salespersons. "Timber mantels are very popular right now because people like the stone fireplace and natural timber mantel look" she went on to say.
Bella small2Delta Millwork has rolled out a few new designs to accompany the timber mantel line such as the increasingly popular "Bella" and the "Columbia" mantels. Both offer a very unique wood look that lends itself to a stone fireplace.
Columbia small2We also have been building a lot of mantels, specially designed by our customers! One builder recently specified a certain style of timber mantel to go into one of their popular floor plans. We were able to create that exact mantel for the builder on a large scale and keep the cost well below what it would have cost to job-build the mantel, since job site carpenters do not usually have the proper tools to cut large timbers required for this type of mantel.
timber shelf smallTimber mantels are usually made from Western Red Cedar since it is both durable and stable. We also offer Douglas Fir as an option. Delta Millwork has the capacity to make mantels of any size imaginable. Using stone and wood on the fireplace creates a very warm and inviting look in the room and creates a space that people want to gather around.
white mantel smallAnd don't forget that large timber mantels don't necessarily need to be stained to look good. Timber mantels can be painted and look very unique.

Just imagine all of those Christmas stockings hanging on a Timber fireplace mantel from Delta Millwork.


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