Shut-tering Up the Wife!

Old-house-thumbFor seven years I’ve been looking at these ugly plastic shutters on my house. Ever since we bought the home in a nice northwest Houston neighborhood, I’ve been complaining about them. Yep, I sat there for seven straight years, letting the cheap black plastic shutters annoy me day after day. My wife finally got sick of hearing about it and yelled at me: “Why in the hell do we have the ugliest shutters in the neighborhood when I’m married to the top woodworker in Texas?” Brings to mind the old saying: “The cobbler’s children have no shoes.”
finished-house-thumbThe transformation from “drab to fab,” as my wife puts it, was amazing as you can see from our photos. Lots of times, builders put up shutters as an afterthought. But let’s be realistic… a $25 pair of plastic shutters simply can’t hold a candle to the beautiful Redwood “High Definition” shutters that we make at Delta Millwork. The shutters can be painted to add nice color to your home.  Top it off with authentic hardware and you have a stunning set of shutters that really catch your eye!
close-up-thumbIn my case, replacing the cheap plastic shutters with true Redwood shutters was a simple facelift that made our rather plain front elevation something special. Now I’m hearing grumblings about the front door. Wish me luck!


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